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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wenesday: Dudley Farm

My Daughter is in college and one of her class projects is to visit places that were "energy efficient". One place on her list was Dudley Farm. An authentic working farm, sounded interesting, my ancestors were farmers so I decided to go with her.
Dudley Farm is an early pioneer farm established before the Civil War. Currently it covers 325 of the original 640 acres that were operated by the Dudley family for three generations. In 1983, the last of the third generation, Myrtle Dudley donated her family farm to the Florida Park Service.The homestead consists of eighteen buildings. These are restored - not recreated - and include the family farmhouse with original furnishings, an 1880's kitchen outbuilding, a general store and post office, and a functional cane syrup complex.
Park staff in period clothing perform daily chores, raising crops, and tending to livestock. The farm features seasonal cane grindings, corn shuckings, and heritage varieties of livestock and plants. Deer, wild turkeys, gopher tortoises, and bluebirds are still seen in the fields.
I had a great time. The best part is when my daughter learned what the corn cobs in the outhouse were used for! She will never waste toilet paper again.

Dudley Farm, Newberry Florida

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