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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Join The Group Tracing Descendants

Tracing Descendants Is An Online Genealogy Social Site – communicate and collaborate with others whether you are just starting your family history or have been doing it for years.

Create your own custom web pages, blogs, podcasts, and/or articles, share documents, upload photo’s and video’s. Plus much more….

For a limited time only JOIN NOW for a one year free membership (19.95 for yearly access) after registration use promo code PC1

What Is A Social Website?

A social website is a type of website with pages that anyone can edit and contribute to, including text, photos, videos, polls and more. Unlike most websites that only technically savvy programmers can create, social websites can be easily worked on within your web browser. Because many people can contribute to a social website, the content grows quickly as a result of collaboration. Users can easily and quickly build on the work of others by adding new content-and even new pages-to the social website.

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