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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Advent Calendar: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, when I was a child, was always at my granny’s house. Christmas Eve was also her birthday, see post below Christmas Ornaments. When I moved out of state in 1994 Christmas Eve changed for me, I had no family in the area so I spent the evening at home with my children.

When I divorced, Christmas Eve changed for me again. My children would spent the night with their father, while I spent the evening home alone. I would be sad at first because I was alone but through the years it became my tradition, I would put on Christmas music and put all the gifts under the tree and watch the midnight mass.

Now that I am remarried and my children are grown, Christmas Eve has changed again. On Christmas Eve my husband and I go to his mother’s house for an early dinner. Later on in the evening on our way home we will stop at the downtown square to see the Christmas Lights then to dunkin donuts for hot chocolate and donuts then we will drive around the neighborhood to see all the houses lit up. I usually have all my presents under the tree done days before so I am not worried about getting home late and doing it.

Christmas Day is still mine! This year we are having a Spanish style dinner and along with my children and my step family I am going to have a house full!

I am looking forward towards tonight………..Merry Christmas Everyone……enjoy your family

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