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Monday, December 14, 2009

Madness Monday- Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake......I do not remember seeing anyone in my family make or eat fruit cake. I do not ever remember even trying just does not look good...well maybe if there is rum in it! I will have to ask my family members.....well.... do any of you guys like fruit cake?


michele said...

oohhh You better redo your story !!
Mom LOVES fruitcake.
I think Granny and some older folks would make it and leave in the cellar.
Ask Mom.. she will tell you the story.

MomMom said...

Yes indeed, I do love fruitcake. I remember years ago when my Mother and Grandmother would make fruitcakes around Thanksgiving and then wrap them up and store them in the cool cellar until Christmas. Boy, were they good!!!

Lori said...

When my husband was a child, he had never had fruitcake. He told himself that he liked fruit and he liked cake, so he was sure he would like fruitcake.....until he tried it! Interestingly enough, he likes it now. I have only had one fruitcake that I liked and I'm not sure what the difference was.
I don't like eggnog either! :)