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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Traditions: Easter

When my children’s father and I divorced, one year I would have the kid’s for Easter then the next year he would have them. Fair enough but when it was his turn I was sad.

When I met my second husband eight years ago he had the same arrangement with his ex-wife. One year we would have all of the kids then the next year when we had no kids we did not know what to do with ourselves!

Well about five years ago my husband and I decided we would have our Easter on Saturday, this way every year we would have all the kids and then on Sunday they could visit with their other side of their family.

As the years gone by and the children got older Easter has become a main event! Family, friends and friends of the kids have joined our Easter!

From hunting for Easter eggs, volleyball, basket ball, ping pong, slip and slides, pony rides and the best…..the annual Rooster run! Who ever catches the Rooster gets a prize…usually money….not only do the children run, put up $50.00 and watch the adults run! It is so funny. I promise the Rooster’s do not get hurt, they can outrun everyone.

Somehow the tradition of a fish fry was incorporated into our Easter along with “wild game”. My husband is an avid fisherman and hunter. This year besides fish we are having wild turkey and boar.

I posted the event on face book and the response is overwhelming, I have family coming that I haven’t see for a while. Everyone is posting what they are going to bring.

My daughter posted that she could not wait that it is her favorite family event.  Her friend posted that her five year old daughter is so excited she is counting down the days!

That is a good feeling.

So what do my husband and I do on Sunday……clean up!

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