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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Alfred & Katherine VanNess:

My sister Michele and her friend went to Cedar Grove cemetery to photograph The VanNess’s tombstones. There was only one headstone the rest were flat monuments with nothing on them. There were two other monuments; one stated Wife the other Husband. We know from Cedar Grove Cemetery tombstones inscriptions and interment that Alfred A VanNess is buried in section CAT-844-2A, his wife Katherine (Jones) is buried in section CAT-844-2C. Arthur VanNess (I believe to be their son) is buried in section CAT-844-3B, Harold VanNess (relationship not established) is buried in section CAT 844-2B and Lillian(VanNess) Quillian, Alfred and Katherine's daughter is buried in section CAT-844-3C.

The headstone looks like it was knocked out of place or maybe the ground in uneven it looks like someone tried to fix it?

The symbol on the headstone is hard to read. I looked up the VanNess family crest and this symbol does not look like it.

Does anyone have any idea what it might represent?

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